14 Minutes

14 minutes

It’s been a good long while since I was able to sit down, and put my thoughts to paper, and I offer my sincerest apologies for this failure on my part.  I had all these great plans to accomplish with assisting Master Johnson and his students, parents, and families with this leadership blog.  But like so many of you have experienced, life happened!!

School started, and along with it came dance, gymnastics, Quarter 3 business goals, Quarter 4 business goals, medical issues, family issues, anything and everything, and on and on…  

I’m thinking that may sound or feel familiar to many of you.  We have all these plans, but life happens and sends us rocketing off to left field before we even know what’s happened.  My Tang Soo Do training felt like this at times.  So many requirements to learn and demonstrate.  So many students relying on you to help support their efforts.  Families in need of advice or assistance with issues they couldn’t tackle on their own.  It can become overwhelming at times.  The last 4 months of my life are a testament to that fact!

Today, I was reading an article from Tom Ziglar, who is the son of the legendary motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar, a piece of Tom’s quick little email memo stood out to me. It dawned on me.  Actually, “dawned” is too soft a word.  How about, it Roundhouse Kicked me in the head, that I am a huge believer in goal setting.  And you know what?  I’ve not been following my own teachings!!  As a teacher, that kind of stung a bit honestly.  

I realized that while I have numerous goals, I have not been giving them the attention and diligence they deserve.  Tom Ziglar’s email was about the 1%.  They say the top 1% of people are excellent at setting goals, accomplishing those goals, and continuing beyond those goals.  Much like you, as a martial artist set a goal to achieve a belt rank, achieve that rank, and continue on toward the next rank.  What Tom mentioned that really struck me, was that all it takes are small steps to get you back on track to your goals, if like me, you find yourself standing in left field all of the sudden.  It’s very simple.

14 minutes.

14 minutes is 1% of your 24 hour day.

If you took 14 minutes everyday to review your goals, focus on your plans and strategies. prioritize your tasks, and organize your time, your success in accomplishing your goals would climb dramatically.  

By taking just 14 minutes to stop the whirlwind that is your life, especially as a parent, you can save yourself time and effort on every level of your day.  How much is peace of mind worth to you during your hectic daily routine?  

How much would you pay for it?  

Would you give 14 minutes to save 90 minutes later in the day when you are worn out and exhausted?  

Would you give 14 minutes if it meant you were able to demonstrate your technique at your next belt testing with confidence and precision?

Would you give 14 minutes if it allowed you to consistently make “A”s in school.

Would you give 14 minutes if it allowed you to obtain that promotion at work?

How much is 14 minutes worth to you?

14 minutes.


Tang Soo!

Master Brandon Bastin

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