Firearms Programs

  • Master Johnson is an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and a Texas Dept. of Public Safety certified Licensed to Carry (LTC) Instructor.
  • Aim & Focus Karate offers the “NRA Basic Pistol” course.  This course content is REQUIRED prior to taking a LTC course.  The LTC course is NOT a “learn how to shoot class” (that is the NRA Basic Pistol course).  The NRA course is not specifically required to get a CHL/LTC, but the “skills” taught in the course are required.  :-)
  • Master Johnson takes teaching the LTC class VERY seriously.  This is not a "quickie pass" LTC course.  You MUST already be comfortable shooting a handgun and be able to pass the TX DPS shooting proficiency requirement.
  • All material will be presented in entirety with time for questions and answers.
  • Master Johnson will provide firearms and ammunition if needed; however you MUST demonstrate knowledge and ability with the pistol.
  • The cost of each course is $100 and must be paid at the time of the class.  Other DPS requirements to get your LTC license (fingerprints,TX DPS application, etc.) must be handled by the student.
  • As of Sept, 2013, LTC Renewals can be processed online with the TX DPS 
  • The LTC class follows the 4-6 hour course outline as defined by Tx DPS.
  • The NRA Basic Pistol class is an 8 hour class as defined by the NRA.
  • To register for the NRA Basic Pistol Course and/or LTC you may:
    •  email Master Johnson (

Helpful information to submit your LTC Online Application:

  • Click on — Tx DPS Home page
  • Click on — Online Services — apply, renew, application status or changes
  • Click — Apply under New Users
  • Follow directions and submit the necessary forms / pay the fees

Helpful information to submit your LTC-100 Form:

  • Scan your LTC-100 in PDF format
  • Click on — Tx DPS Home page
  • Click on — Handgun Licensing
  • Select — Submit LTC Supporting Documents
  • Choose — Handgun Licensing from drop down menu
  • Select — Submit LTC-100/CHL-100 or LTC-100 Supporting Document(s)
  • Complete required fields — and — 
  • Use browse to find you PDF form
  • Click Attach / Click Submit

Aim and Focus Karate IDPA Pistol Team:

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